Why Is Consistency Key To Successful Branding?

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When creating branding for your business, it’s crucial that you consider every aspect of how you present yourself to your clients. Not only does the branding need to perfectly reflect your brand, but it also needs to stand out to the customer whilst remaining relevant to the service or product you’re looking to provide. Whether this is through the typography that is used or the final colour theme you set your heart on, there is plenty that needs to remain consistent. Here, we’re going to look at just why a level of consistency is key when creating a successful brand and how this can help promote the growth of a business.

The Importance Of Brand Guidelines

One of the most important aspects of any branding campaign, particularly when you’re utilising a number of different teams, designers or writers, is having clear and concise brand guidelines. This is key to your overall campaign as consistency throughout the branding makes it look professional and keep up the same level of quality across every platform you utilise. The logo is the core of all of this, acting as the perfect showcase of your business’s colour scheme, attitudes, voice and more. This consistency can help you to build an audience, which is arguably more important than direct sales according to 70% of brand managers, as loyal and returning customers can provide more value in the long term.

By creating clear and concise brand guidelines, you can ensure that every aspect of your branding is identical, this could be crucial to the success of your overall campaign as 77% of marketing leaders say that branding can be a critical element to the growth of a company.

Structured Content Is Key

In addition to the brand guidelines, it is crucial to ensure that any content you produce is well structured. This will not only help you to produce and maintain strong branding, but it also ensures that the content is fit for purpose and will keep the reader engaged for a longer period of time. This is in part down to the fact that buyers typically trust content. Statistics suggest that 95% of potential buyers see content as a trustworthy source of information about a product they’re looking to buy.

This, therefore, means that the content that is being created needs to tick all the boxes in terms of questions that the audience may have. This is key to ensuring that the bounce rate on your site is reduced, whilst also making sure that when people see your branding, they know it is from a reliable source. If your content is poorly written and your branding is mismatched across a number of social media platforms, this could lose you potential clientele in the long run and see a drop in rankings due to a significantly higher bounce rate.

E-A-T Metric

One of the most important updates in 2018 was the E-A-T metric; this saw sights being ranked on the amount of effectiveness, authority and trustworthiness that they have. This is another reason why consistent branding is crucial to your overall website campaign as this can help to boost the trustworthiness of your site. This could be of a benefit to you as this ensures that your site is ranked higher compared to others and is viewed as a high-quality source of information. There are a number of different ways that you can optimise the content that you are producing but ensuring that it is well researched and of the highest quality is the best place to start. This will help your site to rank above the rest when one of the 1 billion searches that Google has per year comes through.  You want to capture this audience and ensure that you rank above the rest with a beneficial customer retention rate for your brand.

Brand Loyalty

When a branding process has been successful, this can be of a huge benefit when customers build recognition and loyalty to the business. A prime example of brands that have had this effect is huge brands like Mcdonalds and Nike, that are recognised by millions by just the logo. Through this brand loyalty, returning and potential customers have a pre-given trust

With clear branding and a good reputation for your company, this can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of your business and the growth of it after all. If the upkeep of the brand’s reputation can be maintained as it continues to grow, this is more likely to stay consistent and maintain this. During this process, it is crucial to keep the branding as consistent as possible as the slightest change could affect the way that the audience reacts to your company. It is also important to make the customers aware of any rebranding that may happen. This is so that you can keep the loyal customer database and show them that they matter to your company.

Cross-Platform Branding

As well as the branding on your products or the website, it is vital to ensure that your branding is consistent across every platform that you may be operating on; this is particularly beneficial if you are operating on any social media platforms. With other 3.196 billion users per year with an increase of 13% per year, a large number of conversions could be generated through this social media presence. By having the branding such as the logo and banners the same across all platforms, you can ensure that your brand is recognised regardless of where the lead is generated from. This can then be redirected to the site during this process and can then lead to a conversion.

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