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Google Update Roundup For SS18

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With algorithm changes throughout the year, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest changes. However, with multiple sources on Twitter as well as tools available to track overall performance of your website, you to can stay ahead of the game just like the team at Absolute Digital Media. Here, I am going to give you a quick roundup of the updates that have been implemented during 2018.]


Core Quality Update 07/03/18 (Part 1)

This update is one of many that occur periodically throughout the year. While it was not focused on anything, in particular, it was used to reward content that was previously underperforming. Even though there is no direct fix to bounce back from the small drop in the SERP’s, it is important to note that Google has released a statement highlighting the importance of creating high-quality, relevant content.


Answers With Search Results 13/03/18

Although this is only an experimental update, this change saw the implementation of Google answering a question with a simple answer. This not only provided users with the information they required fast, but it also meant that other websites with unoptimised content would not have been selected. This update was rolled out on elements such as the unit converter and calculator that condensed the search results and ensured that the answer was accurate, without having to wade through hundreds of results.


Core Quality Control 14/03/2018 (Part 2)

Although this update was just another routinely scheduled update, it concentrated on the overall E-A-T score of a website. Although this may seem like a small change, this led to major fluctuations in the search results, meaning that it was more difficult for smaller businesses to bounce back from. The advice that Google gave following this update was to ensure that the quality of the content is high.


Video Carousels 15/06/18

One of the more interesting Google updates of the past few months is the video carousel update. This was put in place by Google to replace the video thumbnail style that used to appear in the search results. This is something that is very beneficial for content creators, as it allows thumbnails to be seen more clearly, helping to further entice the user.


Speed Update 09/07/18

Up until this update, Googles algorithm only focused on website speed for desktop users. The Google Speed Update means that the loading speed of your mobile optimised content can now have a dramatic effect on your overall ranking. This comes after the news that mobile search has since surpassed traditional desktop search in annual users.


“Medic Update” 01/08/18

Arguably one of the most important updates of the year so far, the medic update has changed the way that content is produced. Not only is content required to be well researched and well written, but also researched and optimised to fit the standards for the E-A-T guidelines. This means that the content needs to remain short and to-the-point and be factually accurate. If a site is deemed to have a low rating in terms of authority, then this may have a profound effect on the overall performance.


Google Images Update 24/09/18

In years past Google image search has differed to the traditional search algorithm. However, following this update, the algorithms have aligned and now focus on the authority of the publication site when displaying Google image results. This means that if the publication site has a high level of authority, then this will rank higher than images that do not. This is another example of Google focusing on E-A-T metric to provide users with the best possible results with every search.


Google Birthday Update 26/09/18

Although the Google Birthday Update was relatively small, the sites that have been affected have been hit substantially. The birthday update has further homed in on the fact that content needs to be well written and condensed in order to remove unwanted content. To combat this, Google has suggested improving the E-A-T metric of your site as well as the content as this will help to improve the overall site quality and subsequently the ranking.


As Google continues to make changes to the algorithm, there are many ways that you should adjust your content in order to accommodate the changes and new trends.