How To Make An Explosive Impact With Your November Marketing

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With Bonfire Night behind us and the height of the holiday season on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to give your marketing campaign the boost it deserves. During a time when your competitors have their eyes set on the Christmas period, November can provide a useful opportunity to truly make an impact on your customer base. From making the most of the upcoming holidays far in advance, to being smart with your social media, here’s how you can make an explosive impact with your marketing this November.

Make The Most Of The Holiday Season

The next few months are the perfect opportunity for consumers to spend. From taking advantage of the numerous deals floating around online come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to preparing far in advance for the Christmas and New Year rush, now is the perfect time to start preparing.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest days for shops and online marketplaces throughout the entire year. In 2017 alone, American shoppers in particular spent a whopping $5 billion on Black Friday and a further $6.6 billion on the following Cyber Monday. The sheer popularity would make any business looking to produce an income take full advantage of the national event, but it’s important that you’re prepared. While an integrated marketing campaign designed to get your offer out there is certainly a necessity, it will all be for nought if your website isn’t prepared for the level of traffic. Make sure your site goes through a technical audit and that everything is working well enough to handle excessive levels of traffic to prevent a crash.

  • Christmas

Following on from Black Friday, your site needs to not only handle increased traffic for two days, but also for an entire season. While running Christmas promotions is a given, starting them early to help ease your site into the increased traffic without putting it at risk of faults or errors is also crucial. Keep an eye on how your site is performing throughout the entire season, with regular crawls, audits and more to ensure that everything is in working order. Christmas is the perfect time to encourage sales, but you need to be in the perfect position to do so.

Shake Up Your Content Formats

If you typically stick to one kind of content, why not shake things up this November? While taking risks might not be the first thing on your mind as things get busier, it could work out in your favour. Post infographics full of valuable, relevant information or break down longer blog posts or whitepapers into bite size chunks to keep customers returning to your site right when it matters most. Post videos, short form content, long form content and more – after all, you never know which consumers prefer which content and which demographic you could be missing by sticking to one content form.

Be Smart With Social Media

Social media will be your most valuable tool throughout November and into December. Keeping in contact with your current customers through a variety of different posts is one thing, but by posting new content, changing up what and how often you post and simply being smart with how you utilise your channels, you could see a huge rise in ROI. Using social media for customer service, however, is your best bet. As things get busier, customers aren’t going to want to wait around for an email reply or sit on hold for hours while you deal with other enquiries. Instead, consider implementing ChatBots on your Facebook page to offer automated replies that will deal with commonly asked questions quickly. This way, you can dedicate your resources to complicated responses where needed without risking losing customers due to the waiting time.

Encourage The Next Step In The Customer Journey

November and December are the time for purchases and, therefore, the two months in which businesses will often see the highest conversion rates of the entire year. For this reason, don’t shy away from encouraging the next steps in the customer journey. You need your content to be shared to spread the word, so encourage your visitors and customers to share posts, recommend your service to friends and more. Whether you offer incentives – like 10% off when you refer a friend – or you simply include ‘related content’ sections throughout your website, make the most of smart encouragement right when people are more likely to actually spend.

While this is by no means a comprehensive cover of everything your brand could do this November, it’s certainly a starting point for those looking to prepare in advance for the upcoming holidays. At Absolute Digital Media, for example, myself and the team are already starting to prepare clients’ sites for the rush and are implementing a number of offers and deals across the board. Find out more about how the teams are implementing this on Absolute Digital’s website.