How To Make Paid Search & Social Media Marketing Work Together

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When it comes to paid search and social media marketing, it is believed that these marketing tactics are good to go as a pair. But how do we make them work together in the first place? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Paid Search

Firstly, what is paid search? Otherwise known as PPC, it allows businesses to advertise in the sponsored listings of a search engine. PPC (pay per click) means that every time the ad is clicked on the search engine or partner site is paid.

Social Media Marketing

Having a social media marketing campaign is just as important as a content marketing strategy. Social media has a lot of power these days and that is growing more and more, so it is essential that you utilise the platforms to market your business or services to customers. However, there is much more to social media marketing than just posting pictures or quotes on Facebook. There is a lot of thought and planning put into the process behind the social media campaigns that you see.

So how do we get paid search and social media marketing to work together?

Gather Information

If you use one platform such as Twitter in order to see which posts and headlines have the most success, you can then use a similar or the same headline on another social channel. PPC and social media can both work to gather information that you can use across different platforms.

Have a look at what your competitors are posting and don’t copy them, but use their trends and your new insights to improve your PPC success. Discover where you get the majority of your results and what is working well within these.

You should then test your new found information by transferring your strategy from one social platform to another, which in turn will earn you more conversions.

Brand Consistency

It is important that you keep the same tone and style across all of your channels. A brand that shows consistency is a brand that showcases professionalism. From sponsored ads to blog posts, you need to maintain consistency. When making paid search and social media work together it is vital that you implement brand consistency, otherwise you could appear as two separate companies.

Effective brand consistency is about having a good trust with your potential customers. So, how can you achieve brand consistency?

Before you write any content you need to decide on your tone and maintain this throughout all of your campaigns. There are a number of styles in which you can write content, with the two most common being friendly or formal. What is your style and tone as a brand?

Additionally, all of your visuals need to be similar and follow the same theme. From your landing page on your site to all of your social media profiles, customers need certainty when they view your brand.

Grow On Social Media With The Help Of PPC

It is important that your brand has a strong social presence in order to gain followers. PPC can assist with this as you can send PPC clicks to your social pages. You will gain followers if you have unique insights and engaging, relevant content that will appeal to them.

PPC Can Increase Social Shares

The main reason why users look for content online is to find answers to the questions they are mostly unsure about. Therefore, your content is most valuable when it answers an existing question that is floating around your audience. By writing relevant content that applies to this, you can increase your social shares, as your followers will be interested in what you have written and want to share it with their friends. So, ensure that you conduct research into what your target audience want to know and design your topics around this.

Utilise Facebook

With over one billion people active on Facebook, this is your ideal platform to use. With people visiting the platform in order to keep up to date with the latest trends as well as see what their friends are getting up to, you can use Facebook to boost your brand awareness.

If someone doesn’t know that your business or brand exists then how are they going to search for you in Google? They simply are not. Therefore, if you appear on Facebook and establish a large audience at the same time as highlighting your brand presence, you will find that you will get more people to visit your site.

Advertise on Facebook, so that your ad appears when Facebook users scroll through their newsfeed and eventually click on it. When a customer has seen your ad on the social platform it is known as a VTR (view through) conversion. People that experience this conversion can then be used as your audience when you target people in paid search.

Your Social Media Campaigns Must Be Search-Friendly

All of your social profiles need to be indexed, tagged, and also include your keywords. By doing this you will allow your users to find your content on social media, paid search ads, and natural search results.

In addition to this, you should create paid search campaigns that are influenced by social media. The topics that you use should be carefully chosen from key discussions that are taking place due to your social media campaigns. From this, choose keywords that highlight and showcase these conversations.

Paid search and social media marketing work incredibly well together, so by implementing these easy steps, your brand could be ahead of your competitors and thriving in no time. For more information about PPC ads, how to integrate a social media campaign into your marketing strategy, or even how you can get the two to work together, don’t hesitate to get in touch, today.