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Why Are Meta Descriptions Crucial To Successful SEO Practice?

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Meta descriptions are often overlooked when implementing SEO, however, they are actually one of the most important aspects of any successful SEO campaign. As with any digital marketing agency, at Absolute Digital we aim to stay ahead of the trends and ensure that our clients have the best possible results. Whether you decide to choose to go at it alone or use an SEO service, we’re taking a look at meta descriptions and why they are so crucial to successful SEO practice.

Sells Content

The meta descriptions in place across your site are important to any successful SEO campaign as each one acts as an ad for the content that you are trying to get people to visit. When done correctly, a meta description can encourage any visitor to click through, enabling you to then show them all the hard work you’ve put into the website itself. In order to be written effectively, a meta description must grab the reader and feature a call to action at the end in order to encourage people to click on the piece. If the meta descriptions do not have a call to action, it is often less successful than those that do, leading to a fall in the number of organic visits to your site.

Increases Organic Traffic

When writing content to put on your site, you’re probably already fully aware of the importance of relevance. Without relevance, your content is unlikely to maintain the attention of consumers as a result. What you may not know is that you should also ensure that the meta description you are using is relevant to the content and the subject at hand. By utilising keywords and phrases within your content and in your meta description too, this allows Google to crawl the web and find your result for relevant searches.

Plays To The Algorithm

A meta description is a simple way to play to the algorithm. Not only should this be adapted as the algorithm changes, but it should also be the correct length in order to have the desired effect. If the algorithm was to change, then it is important that you are quick to adapt and change meta descriptions to support this, in order to limit the effect that the change has on your ranking.

Encourages engagement

Not only does an efficient meta description help the ranking of your website on SERPs, it also helps to encourage engagement with your business and the content that you are trying to promote. With an effective meta description and call to action, you can ensure that you encourage engagement with the content whereas If the meta description does not relate to the content at all, this can have a negative effect

As mentioned before, the need for an effective meta description is something that is often overlooked but with all this in mind, however, it’s clear to see why it is one of the most important aspects to a successful SEO campaign. Not only will it help to play to Google’s algorithm, but it will help to encourage people to read your content and take relevant information from it.