How To Recover From The Google Medic Update

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Since the introduction of the ‘medic update’ in August 2018, a number of sites have experienced major fluctuations in their sites rankings. Fortunately. whether they are using the expertise of an SEO Essex service or are navigating SEO in-house, the update has been relatively difficult to avoid. If you have noticed Google E-A-Ting up your rankings, here are some factors to take into consideration during the process of recovering your site:



E-A-T, also known as expertise, authority and trust, has always been important of SEO and the overall success of a site. However, since the medic update on August 1st 2018, this has become more prominent than ever. Although this update was referred to as a ‘Google core algorithm’ update, there has been a significant impact in the number of medical-related sites that have received a particularly low score in each of these fundamental elements.

This is both interesting and worrying from an SEO standpoint, as this has led to a substantial fluctuation in the ranking of these sites in particular. It has been said that, following the medic update, some sites SERP’s have dropped by 50% due to either the lack of reliable backlinks or the overall quality and trustworthiness of the content on the site.



How can content help aid recovery? Well, the answer is quite simple. From the statics that has been floating around since the medic update, it is clear that more reliable sources such as NHS England have experienced a lighter impact than those who are lacking the trust and authority. Your content can help aid the recovery of this update by being clear and concise as well as heavily researched.

By increasing the quality of the content and including the relevant facts and figures and links to reliable sources in your content, you can help to boost the overall E-A-T score of your site. In addition to adapting the new content in order to accommodate the update, it may also be beneficial to take a closer look at the content that was previously written in order to ensure that it does not hinder the recovery process.



When recovering from the medic update, it is important to research every aspect of the change, so that you can ensure that you have the knowledge required in order to ensure your site undergoes a speedy recovery. The same rule applies to the content on your site, as this is something that will need to be as factually correct as possible in order to get the desired result.

Should you find yourself struggling, there are plenty of online resources that can help ensure you’re on the road to recovery and help expand your knowledge. Good luck!

With all this in mind, there are a number of elements that go towards recovering from the medic update as well as preparing for future updates – but it doesn’t have to be as difficult! Providing you are prepared, you can rest assured that your site will recover.