Simple Steps To Boosting Your Seasonal SEO Traffic

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As we pack away our Halloween costumes and throw away our pumpkins, it is time for us to start thinking about the very joyful period that is Christmas, which is only a few weeks away. With there being a lot of preparation involved, such as buying the food, decorating the tree and wrapping the presents, you may not have the time to focus on your SEO traffic as much. Therefore, I have compiled some simple steps to ensure that your seasonal SEO traffic is boosted during these festive months.

Seasonal Keywords

As Christmas creeps up on us, it is important that you incorporate seasonal keywords into your original list of keywords. Due to consumers searching for gifts by using holiday search terms, it is worthwhile using Google Trends to find out what the key phrases are that they are using, so that you can choose your seasonal keywords accordingly.

What’s more, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday making an appearance before Christmas, this is an ideal time to target your keywords, because many consumers will be buying their Christmas gifts over these two days.

Seasonal Gift Guide

With digital seasonal gift guides becoming more popular than physical forms, if you have an online store, creating a holiday gift guide will really boost your traffic.

These guides are used regularly by customers, due to the seamless shopping they produce. What’s more, if you create a successful gift guide, less clicks between your product pages and home page will be made, which will delight the SEO bots that scour your site.

Additionally, the guide consists of all the different products that consumers are searching for on the internet, which is great for your SEO.

Seasonal Blog Posts

With some family members and friends being difficult to buy for, a lot of customers browse the internet looking for inspiration for their gifts. Therefore, by writing engaging blog posts, with seasonal-themed content that also relate to your business, you will show up in the search results and boost your SEO seasonal traffic.

The content needs to be of high-quality and aimed at the writer, opposed to Google, in order to increase user experience, which is ultimately what Google is looking for. Consider your target audience, tone and style of audience, as well as integrating your business, its background, plus a touch of seasonal sparkle into the content. Remember to add your seasonal keywords throughout your content, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into the context!

Seasonal Optimisation

Creating seasonal landing pages, with your seasonal keywords incorporated in it, is a simple, yet effective way to boost your SEO traffic. Make sure that you include internal links to your seasonal product pages and content, in addition to adding festive ways to express your business through meta descriptions and page titles, not forgetting to updating the images and videos to fit the seasonal theme.

What’s more, by using schema markup through Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, you can update your website with rich snippets that will assist your site in ranking higher, which ultimately will lead to an increase in sales.

Hopefully these simple steps that I have put together will help you to boost your SEO traffic during this festive season, so you can prepare for the seasonal fun, whilst your site works its magic to bring in the sales. Of course, you can take these ideas and adapt them to any season, such as Autumn and November, by creating a firework or Halloween theme.