Success In The Rebranding Process- Top Tips!

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When it comes to rebranding, some CEO’s shy away from the topic whereas others embrace it. Upon first considering the idea, rebranding your company can be wandering into a whole new world where everything is fun and exciting. On the flip-side, there is always the looming threat that the rebrand may not be a success and can end up being more costly than beneficial! I have been fortunate enough to experience a number of company rebrands both through a first hand and second hand perspective, and thought I would share what I have learnt to inspire others to not be afraid. An effective rebrand is so much more than simply choosing pretty logos and colors- you also need to be decisive and have a strong understanding of the entire process and visual assets too. With that being said, here are some of my thoughts on what it means to rebrand with a successful outcome, whether this is your first rebrand or not…

Research, research and research some more

Before you take any further steps in the rebrand process, begin with thorough research. This involves you better understand all aspects of your business and what is has evolved to- from your brand, customers and market. Even when you feel that you understand these elements already, believe me, you may be surprised to find out how different your business is now in comparison to the last time you looked! Here are some of the vital elements I feel every CEO should research before taking part in the rebrand process:

  1. Current brand assets
  2. What your employees feel about the company and its brand
  3. What lost prospects feel about your brand in its current state
  4. What thought leaders in the industry feel about your company’s branding
  5. Your competitors products/ services and what people think about what they offer
  6. What your customers think about your company and what their needs are in relation to that you offer

Get in touch with all key players in the company

All it takes when attempting to get a rebrand up and running is one stakeholder or key businesses influencer to stop all progress in the drop of a hat. This can easily be prevented by ensuring that all key players remain very much in the loop about the progress of the rebrand (in writing) so that complications do not thwart your plans much further along the line. Here is my take on the most important things you should be communicating with key players in your business:

  • The budget
  • The timeline of the process
  • The key objectives
  • Research to back up decisions being made
  • Implications for each department

Keep all documentation (EVERYTHING)

In order to minimize the possibility of any problems arising along the way, it is vital that you keep a written documentation wherever possible when it comes to the company rebrand. In my experience, you cannot be too careful when it comes to important decisions and being able to provide evidence of when and why you made them and who was there to witness them.

Roll up the roll out!

There is no point investing in a company rebrand if you are not looking into rolling it out effectively- you WANT people to know and be as excited for it as you are! Get your employees to get involved as they can begin working as brand advocates at the very least. Here are some other ways in which you can ensure your brand roll out is successful:

  • Internal PR- this includes any meetings, emails, videos etc. announcing the rebrand
  • External PR- this is all about being mentioned through external sources such as earned and paid media mentions, emails to clients and media on their blogs and social channels
  • Launch parties- a fun way to get everyone from employees to the press and clients to come along to a venue specifically booked and dedicated to showcasing your new brand launch

It is important to remember that all brands roll out their brands in different ways, so it is important to stay true to your company and find a roll out method that best suits you and the message you want to convey.

Stay decisive and defend the brand at all costs

Perhaps the most important aspect of any rebrand is the ongoing process of defending your new brand. When you have built and launched your new look, it is only expected that people will want to made changes and criticize certain elements which is why it is imperative that you stay strong in relation to your decisions. Defending your brand post-launch equates to continuity of the brand and its success.

The great thing about rebranding is it gives your company the ability to refresh its look and feel and even go as far as transform what it stands for in its current market position. Don’t be afraid to see your rebrand opportunity as a fantastic investment into the future of your business, so why not take the first steps?