Top Ways Of Using Video To Better Communicate With Your Customers

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Digital marketing truly is revolutionising the many ways we communicate with customers, but you’d be surprised at how many organisations reject the idea of using video within their marketing methods. While this ignorance might not seem to have a big impact on the company currently, it’s expected that internet video will make up 79% of internet traffic by 2020, simply due to the high consumer demand for easily digestible videos.

By incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you can personalise the ways in which you communicate with your customers, as they can finally put a face to the organisation and interact with your brand better. If you’re interested in the success that can come with video marketing, but you aren’t entirely sure how to utilise it to the best of your ability, here you’ll find a short list of the top ways in which video marketing can allow you to communicate with customers better.

Instagram/Snapchat Stories

Your marketing efforts stretch much further than your website and advertising methods, as social media marketing is having a huge effect on the way that customers engage with your brand. While posting regular updates on the main pages might seem like enough, utilising stories on your Instagram and/or Snapchat profile regularly will make your organisation appear that little more cutting-edge.

Stories are a great way to interact with your customers live, perhaps giving them some insights into your organisation and the people involved with the services that you provide. Using video via social media is a great way to boost the volume and value of interactions that your customers have with your organisation for free, so this method of video marketing should never be disregarded.

Live Video Chat For Lead Generation And Sales

While live chat will still provide your customers with the personalisation that they need, it will also provide you with opportunities to generate leads and thus sales. For example, you could utilise live video chat as a way to instantly answer questions potential customers may have, and even use it as a way to pitch your products or introduce any upcoming projects for customers to look forward to. Live demonstrations during broadcasts can provide tonnes of useful information about the products that you sell quickly – a great example of this would be to watch the live videos streamed by leading make-up brand Benefit Cosmetics on their Facebook page.

Video Interviews

Customers love receiving valuable insights into the industry that their selected business operates in, and so an interview with influencers within that particular field is an excellent opportunity to deliver useful information not only to loyal customers, but to potential leads as well. However, for small businesses, interviewing leading influencers might not be a possibility, but you can still utilise video interviews within your marketing methods. Instead, you could interview members of the organisation, perhaps the CEO or leaders of departments in order to offer exclusive insights into how your organisation operates and the people behind the magic!

Videos On Your Website

If you provide SEO services, similar to my company Absolute, you could use videos as a way to offer information about the different services and why they could benefit your customers. In addition, having a video on your landing page is an interesting way of introducing your company in a professional and exciting way, encouraging your visitors to fulfil the call-to-action (CTA) and become a qualifying lead. Moreover, having a professional video on your ‘about us’ page will really help customers to put a face to your organisation, as you can film a behind-the-scenes style of video, or perhaps feature snippets of your employees and their role within the company.

Incorporating video into your marketing efforts is a cheap yet powerful way to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Using video is all about personalising the way you interact with your customers, allowing them to develop a greater understanding of your company and why you’re more advanced than any other competitors.