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Ways To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

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With the increasing pressure on ensuring we are as eco-friendly as possible, it is important for businesses to play their part in making the planet a greener place for everyone. With resources in high demand for every business, it is important that environmental alternatives are put in place in order to make your business as eco-friendly as possible, whilst saving your business both time and money. Within this blog, we are going to look at multiple solutions that you can integrate into your practices in order to effectively make your business environmentally friendly.

Office Resources

Office resources are always in high demand, and the sheer number of plastic disposable pens being thrown away every single year is incredibly harmful to the environment. In America, a study has found that 1.6 billion plastic pens are thrown away per year. The sheer amount of plastic that is thrown away has serious repercussions when thrown into a landfill, and a significant amount of this is also being found in our seas.

Turning to refillable pens is a simple switch to make your office eco-friendlier. As well as this, paper can also be recycled which is something every business should begin to consider as this can dramatically reduce a business’ carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Energy Footprint

Although this is one of the simpler solutions to make your business greener, it is also one of the most effective, which is too often forgotten about. Switching off any computers or office equipment that is not being used can help to reduce the amount of electricity that is being used, therefore helping to make your business more energy efficient.

According to reports, turning off all computers at the end of each day can save up to 50% more power than if the computers are left on overnight. This therefore not only helps to make your business greener but can also help to save your business money. Alternatively, switching office lights to energy saving bulbs can save money in the long term and allow you to ensure that you are working efficiently without the potential of harming the environment.

Other ways in which you can reduce your energy footprint is to find an alternative energy source for your business, whether this is through using wind, solar power or another renewable energy source. This is beneficial because when enough energy is created and stored, it will reduce the need for power to be harvested from the grid. Although it is not always possible for some businesses to implement immediately, particularly when it comes to SMEs, it could be something to consider on a much smaller scale as part of a business’ future plans.

Recycle Old Equipment And Furniture

Recycling old furniture and electronic equipment is an effective way of making the business eco-friendlier. This is because any computers that are broken can then be replaced or fixed. This is positively affecting the environment as it can cause a dramatic reduction in the number of computers and monitors being wasted, as most can be fixed and reused.

As well as this, furniture that is used within the office can also be repaired or recycled. This can be achieved by replacing any bolts that have been damaged within the structure of the chair, but also if the materials become damaged, the chair can be re-upholstered making it look and feel like brand new office furniture at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture.  As well as saving you money, it can benefit the environment by reducing the amount of waste that is being produced on a regular basis.

Each of the above steps is vital when looking to make your office space eco-friendlier and can all be carried out with minimal costs to the overall business. It is truly the smaller changes within your office space that can have the biggest impact, not only saving you money but will reduce your carbon footprint, without impacting the efficiency of your service.