How Web Design Can Make Or Break Your SEO

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It is vital that your web design is structurally sound and adheres to all the core principles needed to enhance user experience and engagement. Unless you have a clean and highly responsive website in place, you are not going to be able to entice potential customers into making purchases or enquiries into the different types of services that you offer.

Your website is the primary weapon for your business when it comes to implementing your marketing strategies and techniques. With that in mind, below are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to web design, and how they can affect the all-important SEO credentials needed to rank highly within search listings.

Make Sure Quality Is Placed Over Quantity

Everything that resides within all aspects of your web design needs to have a clear and concise purpose. You can’t overload your content with key words, and you certainly should avoid placing links in unnatural locations.

You need to flesh out the main layout of your website in meticulous fashion and then use the carefully calculated platform to conduct regular updates that can help improve your SEO ratings. One of the best strategies is to integrate a blog within you web design, which can be used to host relevant content that relates to your specific industry.

All your content needs to be incredibly streamlined at all times, making sure you are only publicising the most necessary information to your users. Everything needs to be gradually incorporated within your web design; otherwise a number of red flags could surface when Google is determining which sites should be ranked in the higher positions.

When you are going through the initial stages of web design, you need to make sure that you are making information available to visitors that are likely to turn them into a potential customer. This means making content of the highest quality, with an effective call to action that is certain to make them enquire or make purchases.

Use Web Design That Is Easily Navigated

Unless the design of your website makes it smooth and easy for any visitors, you will lose attention and affect a number of key components that need to be catered towards for the Google algorithm.  You need to ensure that people are likely to stick around when they are visiting your site by making all your key features interactive and visually stimulating.

If Google can see that people spend a considerable amount of time on your site, you are going to achieve a greater level of strength when it comes to SEO. All your navigation should be designed with the purpose to aid people in going ahead with the specifications being laid out by your call to actions.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is still a huge player when it comes to digital marketing, which means it should definitely be included within your web design in order to achieve the SEO results you are looking for. You can achieve so much trust and credibility by carefully integrating social media platforms, since people can interact and start engaging with your brand on a more personal level.

You will be able to create a stream of organic traffic by utilizing any social media platform to its full potential. Once you have built up a strong and credible network, you will need to channel your audience carefully within your web design to further improve your SEO plight.

This really is just the beginning when it comes to the different measures that can make or break your SEO when it comes to web design. For more information about how you can get into the best possible shape for 2019, get in touch with our team at Absolute Digital Media, by calling 01245 287 864.