How To Use PPC To Build Your Business

30-Second Summary

  • Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of digital marketing whereby, your ad is presented via Google Ads or social media to a brand-specific, targeted audience.
  • Target your ideal audience with PPC ads to gain the best ROI.
  • To target your ideal customer, you need to group your prospects into different demographics, behaviours, and interests.
  • Plan your keyword strategy around your target audience and the terms they will be searching and ensure this is in your PPC ad-copy.
  • Create an engaging, campaign-specific landing page to funnel this click into a sale or conversion.


PPC is an excellent way to build brand awareness and drive sales from your targeted audience. It is also an increasingly more affordable form of advertising, that’s why 45% of small businesses invest in PPC advertising as part of their marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to develop your paid marketing strategy, get to grips with how PPC can benefit your business here now, and start planning for your new PPC ad campaign today

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