Content plays a big role in the work that we carry out at Absolute Digital Media and, following the success of our SEO in 2019 eBook last year, we’ve launched yet another in-depth guide to help business understand the power behind content.

This time, our eBook focuses on content marketing and includes insight into how to get started with your content strategy, how to prepare for the future and what to consider when it comes to publishing and sharing your content piece.

What You’ll Learn

Absolute Digital Media is a full-service digital marketing agency, meaning that in all the work that we carry out, content is a large part of what we do. With this in mind, we wanted to create an eBook that would contain insight beyond just what creating an engaging content piece consisted of. Here’s what you can expect learn:

Getting Started With Your Content Strategy

When it comes to getting started with your content strategy, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Within this section, our expert team explore the different ways you can gain an understanding of your target audiences expectations, needs and wants.

How To Strategise Your Content

For your content strategy to be a success, you need to have a clear idea of what, when and how you want to post your content. We’re explore some of the different methods available in our eBook.

Our Guide To Content Marketing In 2020

Measuring The Success Of Your Campaign 

You can’t just write content in order for it to be a success. You need to understand exactly what made it a success and if it didn’t meet your expectation of “success” then, why?

Exploring How You Can Prepare For The Future

Preparing for the future is key, especially now when more and more people are joining the content marketing bandwagon. Learn how to stand out.

Keeping Up With Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

Google updates its algorithm on a daily basis, just sometimes, these updates are more significant than others. Google’s algorithm and content are closely aligned, possibility impacting your sites rankings. Learn how to remain at the top!

Effectively Publish & Sharing Your Content

Writing a high-quality piece of engaging content is no longer enough to succeed in today’s world of digital marketing. In order to be successful, you need to understand the ins and outs of effectively publish and sharing your content. Find out some of our top tips!

Our Guide To Content Marketing In 2020

Keeping Up With Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

Google updates its algorithm numerous times each year, up to 500 times in fact! With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that our latest eBook offered all of the professional insight a business may require to ensure that their content marketing strategy remained on the right track. Not only will this help to ensure that your website doesn’t lose any valuable visibility, but it will help you in the process of writing your content too as you’ll know a bit more about what needs to be included to make a content piece a successful one.

In light of the current circumstances following the COVID-19 outbreak in March, Our Guide To Content Marketing In 2020 eBook is free to download. Get your copy, today!

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