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The Impact Of Voice Search On SEO In 2019

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As the use of voice search devices such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant continue to grow and develop, many are predicting that half of the searches made in 2020 will be made from a voice search device, due to the availability and the convenience. Let’s take a closerlook at the ways that voice search is likely to change SEO in 2019 and how companies will have to adapt their SEO tactics in order to accommodate.

Informal Language

Due to the nature of voice search and the way that everyone speaks, there has been an increased focus on the type of language used within the content that you are creating for your website. You need to ensure that your content has been optimised for voice search, which can be acheiveed through the use of long-tail keywords. These need to sound as natural as possible within your content that needs to include short and simple phrases that are easy for anyone to understand. This is due to the informal tone and style of the search queries that are being imputed.

Although the language that you use can be more informal, it is important to ensure that you answer the search queries effectively, as it still needs to be informative and answer the queries directly, in order to be favoured by the algorithm.

Variety Of Statements

It is also important to ensure that you are answer the questions from a number of different phrased statements. This is due to the queries often consisting of what, who, when, why and how. It is essential to ensure that your content tailors to one of these questions in order for it to have the desired effect. By combining this with informal language, this is a sure fire way of ensuring that your content is tailored to rank well within voice search.

Tailored Content

It is also important to tailor the content that you write directly to your target audience. This is key as this will help them to engage with the content. Another way that you can optimise your content for voice search is by looking at your competitors. By looking at the content that is working well for them and altering it to fit your business,  is a great way to ensure that your content is optimised effectively.

In addition to this, it is vital to include the keywords in natural variants. This is key as voice search is far more conversational than traditional search, and therefore your content needs to be optimised in order to accommodate.

Different Devices

Optimising content has become more difficult in recent years due to the implementation of Google’s mobile first indexing. This has meant that content is prioritised by the algorithm if it has been optimised for mobile use, as it favours this style of content. By optimising your content to be mobile friendly as well as friendly to speech patterns, this will help to boost your content in the search results. This is more beneficial than those that are optimising their content for desktop, due to this style of content often being more formal.

Website Loading Times

Another way that you can optimise your content for voice search is by ensuring that your loading time is as quick as possible. No one likes to wait for a site to load and can in fact result in a site losing users. It is said that your website loading time should be somewhere in the region of 2 seconds in order to prevent your potential customers from finding the information elsewhere. The same is also to be said for voice search optimisation. Users want information as quickly as possible and this is why a loading time is crucial. This will help to ensure that your information comes up first when searched by voice.

This is also particularly important as Google continues to internalise content due to the increased use of Google assistant and Google Home devices. These devices not only work off of sites that are higher in the ranking to answer user queries, but also the use of Google Quick Answers. Although this is only present with 40% of voice search answers, this is still significant as this can have a profound effect on the ranking of a page that is being answered by this built-in function.

Local Search

Google My Business is crucial to the success of your business in this new voice search era. Without this, your business is less likely to appear when searched. However, by using Google My Business, it will appear within local search results. When the user says “Ok Google, show me hairdressers near me” Google will instantly show the results of those that have the GMB function optimised on a map. Within this function, you can also feature information such as opening and closing times as well as other key information, including items and other offers. This will then play into the quick answer functionality and ensure that your content is seen above the rest.

Play To Strengths

With Google internalising content, it is crucial to play to the strengths in any way that you can. Utilise the tools that Google are giving you such as Google Shopping and Google My Business to engage with audiences and boost the engagement with your content. By combining this with a successful content and social media campaign, you are likely to see the best results possible.

Google also offers Blogger as a way of sharing content, which can be linked to your GMB listing. This can be a great way to share content and ensure that you have the best possible results across multiple different platforms, as well as a multitude of devices.

To find out more about how you can optimise your content as well as ensure that your site is working the way it should get in touch with us to get your site ready for the New Year and start the year off right!